The Personalisation Machine Learning Cloud

53% of consumers surveyed wanted a totally personalised experience. Unfortunately, most personalisation and product recommendations engines fail to hit the mark in a quantifiable manner. Until now.

Every personalisation campaign is also an experiment is a cloud personalisation platform for E-Commerce retailers to help transform and improve how brands approach cross selling and on-site personalisation/product recommendations.

Product Recommendations

Quickly boost basket revenue, AOV and customer experience (CX). Less than 7 days time to value/ROI.

AI Bundling

Algorithmically driven product pairs based on individual customer behaviour and availability. Allow the customer to find what they need and configure it in a flash.

Cross Sell Overlays

Shown based on any customer behavioural trigger at any point through the buying journey, like at the mini-basket. Products and category tabs are algorithmically driven and continuously auto-optimize.

Cross Promotions

Give visibility to your cross promotions whether 2 for $50, 3 for 2 or 10% off. Incentivise more bundle sales by offering a discount for buying more. Auto-optimize how much the discount is and don't give away more than you need to

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